Fantasy Fashion Feature- Azure's Casual Dark Siren Look


Dark Siren Look Book

Casual/ Aquatic Everyday

Ready to discover your Siren-esque style and embrace the dark depths of your own personal fashion Abyss? Then let’s get started by exploring the wardrobe of who else but the Tidal Kiss Trilogy’s own Psiren Queen, Azure!

The Tidal Kiss Trilogy Fantasy Fashion



Azure’s style for me has always been super slick, almost like oil trapped in water. This is an analogy I often think of when I think of her character, because of her resistance to mingle with her destiny in the water. Throughout the Tidal Kiss Trilogy, we see her wearing mainly gowns, but she definitely prefers pants for ease of movement if a situation gets hairy. Check out these lithe dark siren leggings from if you fancy adding a little dark shimmer to your mermaid look this summer.

Grab these fabulous fitted fins for just $49.99 right here.


Tidal Kiss Trilogy- Dark Siren Look



If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty, check out these incredible one of a kind leather pants from for $239 here!

Dark Siren Fantasy Fashion

A Trusty Leather Jacket

Azure has a couple of leather jackets throughout her journey in the tidal kiss trilogy, one of the reasons for this being that leather is largely water resistant, again, like her oily personality and refusal to accept her aquatic calling, as well as the fact that Vex can very often be found in leather and I like to draw parallels between the two. Check out my favourite leather jacket for Azure’s casual dark siren look right here at for just £55 right here!


Dark Siren Look Book- The Tidal Kiss Trilogy

Tank Tops and Tees

There are TONS of amazing tank tops out there would suit Azure right down to the Abyss from which she rules, but these are just a few of my favourites!

Sirenia Scorpuli Tee-

Dark Siren Casual Look- Amazon
Dark Siren Tank Top
Dark Mermaid Look Book Tee


Azure is a one badass fish, so when it comes to footwear, she definitely needs some shit kicking boots. Though most of her time is spent underwater, when this lady dons legs she has a thing for throwing men off cliffs, and for that you need shoes with killer grip. This year, Doc Marten have released a mermaid line, and these Pascal Iridescent docs are absolutely perfect for the salty sass of Azure’s dark character.

You can grab these fabulous scaled shitkickers and get your own siren strut on for £139 right here.



Along this same vein, check out these gothic mermaid boots from at only £79.99 (Reduced to £63 at the time of writing this post- 1/7/2019) These are perfect if you want all of the siren vibes but none of the sparkle.

Scaled Boots- Tidal Kiss Trilogy- Azure


Azure’s dark look is known for being bold and recognizable from a distance, so check out these awesome mermaid make-up products that might help you achieve something similar! Of course, don’t forget to check it’s waterproof!

Mermaids Forever- Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

Mermaids Forever- Revolution
The Gypsy Shrine- Dark mermaid Glitter
Siren 35 Piece Spectrum Brush Collection

So there you have it, a look inside Azure’s Dark Siren Closet for all her casual mischief! If you’d like to learn more about Azure and all my other Mermaid and Psiren characters and their fashion choices, dive into the books at OR tune in to Freedom Through Fantasy at for future Fantasy Fashion or Infiniverse Interior features!

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