10 Things You Didn't Know About The Queens Of Fantasy Saga

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1. All the place names are either real locations OR they translate from Latin to have special meaning to the story. For example-

Occulta Mirum- Hidden Wonder

Exilia Multum- The Long Exile

Solis Castra- Castle of The Sun

Gelida Silentium- The Frozen Silence


2. The Higher Plains are made up of different countries- each country relates to a different belief system and is the birthplace of the Gods of said system.

For example-

Olympus- Greek Mythology

The Mercury Heavens- Roman Mythology

Hermopolis- Egyptian Mythology

Avalon- Celtic Mythology


3. The sun in each dimension is coloured to link with either The Resurrection Flame- blue (Aetheria), The Eternal Flame- red (Earth) or The Restoration flame- Purple (Mortaria)


4. Three is a magic number.

Three Trilogies of Three Books

Three Queens of Fantasy

Three Queens of Darkness

Three Queens of Ancient

Three Dimensions

Three Fates

Three Furies

Three sons of Cronus


5. The Demons in The Tidal Kiss Trilogy originate as the Kindred of Leviathan.

They cross over from the sea of shadows found in Mortaria.


6. The Pieces of Eight go by another name.

This being ‘tethers’ for the Circle of Eight.


7. Solustus ended up manning one of the trade ships in Mortaria after his death at the hands of Saturnus.

Saturnus’ soul was destroyed, so he never shows up there- lucky for him.


8. The armour which Gabriel builds for Callie in The Kiss That Changed Me is fashioned from the wreckage of Sephy Sinclair’s boat

Named 'Demeter' for her mother. 


9. Cupids exist.

Unfortunately, the only God who can see them is Aphrodite- Daughter of Eros and Venus.


10. The Muses under Hypnos’ charge are like really biased journalists.

If they don’t like you, you can bet that mortals will get myths and stories casting you as the villain/evil. A great example of this is Lucifer, who Hypnos’ hates for stealing her twin sister, Thane.

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