A song is just a song… or is it? Return to the mer wedding of a lifetime with Patience and Gideon and discover the night that led to their unexpected connection in 1988 as musical nostalgia takes hold.

Working at a Dairy Queen was not the life Patience imagined when she graduated with her art degree, but all that is about to change as Titus and Regus return to claim what they believe is theirs. In an attack on a stranger whom she feels strangely drawn to, Patience unwittingly lands herself in the sights of two of the Ocean’s most dangerous predators. Can Gideon protect her? Or is what Patience needs to be saved from a little closer to home?

In the story of how a very large fork ended up in the wrong hands, you can hop into the little red not-so-vintage and join Patience and Gideon as they re-live the night that started it all.