Looking Forward- My 2019

2019 Look Forward- Author Kristy Nicolle

Looking Forward

My 2019



New year, new goals, and new priorities at Kristy Nicolle Inc. This year marks a major departure from my regular author schedule and a movement into a less intense release schedule with my major focus being on marketing. I’ve spent the last 3 years building a solid backlist of books, and so this is year I’m growing my reach and getting those books into more reader’s hands than ever before. I’m super excited about 2019, so I wanted to share with you a few of the things I’m looking forward to in particular.


Reaching out to fellow chronic pain warriors-

Spoonie Support- Chronic Pain support group with Kristy Nicolle

Last year I set up a Spoonie Support Facebook group and though small in number, we are damn mighty. This group is seriously incredible, with warriors coming together to support one another, tell their stories, and keep things positive when this can be such a daily struggle for spoonies. I’m super proud of how far the group has come, but I’m interested to grow it’s numbers even more this year as well as writing tons more blog posts and advice for living with Chronic Pain and invisible illness.

If you’re interested in joining my support group for chronic pain warriors, you can do so below.

Join Spoonie Support


 Weekly flash fiction-

Though I’m only releasing one book this year, anyone who really knows me knows that my brain won’t sit idle for long. To remedy my restless mind, I’ve introduced Infiniflash Fiction on my blog, to give you more information on certain characters or locations within the fantasy Infiniverse. You might even get a teaser for what’s to come in some of my future work. Tune in on flash fiction Fridays throughout 2019 to discover my latest additions!


The Aetherial Embrace Book 1- Indigo Dusk

Untitled (7).jpg

I can hardly believe I’m typing this but 2019 marks the beginning of the final trilogy in the Queens of Fantasy Saga- The Aetherial Embrace Trilogy. I am aiming for a fall release, but this is still dependent on a number of factors, one of which being my health of course. This trilogy is more personal to me than my previous two, mainly because my main character- Kairi, suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and chronic pain, just like me. It’s important for me to use my fantasy series to shine the light on real life issues, and I’m extremely excited to be able to bring my own struggles onto the page through this story. The Aetherial Embrace is also the closest trilogy in the saga to epic fantasy genre wise, with the largest character roster, and a world four times the size of Mortaria from The Ashen Touch Trilogy. With this world of the winged, there is surely much adventure in store, so keep your eyes peeled as I will begin giving away sneak peeks and updates on my progress throughout the summer.


I’m going to Ireland-

Me and Mark are headed to Cork, Ireland! I will be celebrating my birthday this year surrounded by Guinness and Leprechauns as we take a mini-break adventure together for the first time. I wonder what kind of future stories Ireland will inspire?


Matilda the musical-

This August I’m being treated to a day out at the theatre with my parents, and what show would be better for an avid book lover than Matilda the musical? I am super excited to be going to see this in my hometown, as it means easy travel and little recovery for me surrounding the event thus very little stress. I will definitely be giving a write up on my experience too so look out for that! This musical has been on my bucket list for a while, so getting tickets for my birthday last year was a majorly amazing surprise and I can’t wait!


New Addition (Tiny Unicorn or Dragon?)-

This year I’m going to be an Aunty for the very first time! If you know anything about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, you know that pregnancy is a major struggle and that because of this I have opted against having children of my own, so having a baby niece or nephew for me is a dream come true!

I am already super psyched to teach the new tiny hooman about unicorns, mermaids, dragons, and wishing on stars, as well as getting to relive all my favourite children’s books with them and introduce them to Disney. Of course, I will also be a dutiful Aunty and ensure much mischief is had by both me and teeny hooman. I can’t wait to meet you, tiny unicorn/dragon!


Getting to know my readers better-

The last three years have been a mad race for me to write and publish as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of my books, but this year all that stops. I will be cutting back on the number of releases per year and getting to know my readers better as I’ll have more time to spend connecting with them online while I’m marketing and networking. I’m blessed to have some incredible readers in my group - The Tidal Telltails - and hope to grow the number of members dramatically this year as well. I’m really excited about this, because talking with my readers and learning what makes them tick is my favourite part of this job!


Blog growth-

Freedom through fantasy- Things i blog about

Freedom Through Fantasy is a blog I’ve been trying to run, unsuccessfully, for the past two years. But this year I’m dedicating the time I won’t be writing my usual number of books to getting it on its feet. I am thrilled to finally get to do this, as I feel like I have a lot to say about a whole host of topics including, Chronic Pain and mental health, Organisation and running an author business from home, Writing and Publishing, Books I’m reading and have loved, the innermost thoughts of my evil mastermind cat Moo, and the occasional piece on something a little bit random from my personal life. I’m really excited to see where I can take Freedom Through Fantasy with a little elbow grease, so stay tuned for my posts throughout the week!


Character guides and extras-

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but simply haven’t had the time. Character guides, location guides, trilogy guides, family trees etc will be something I’m going to look into publishing this year, to keep all my readers up to date and informed about every aspect of The Kristy Nicolle Infiniverse. My universe is large, so having these kinds of aids is important to stop readers becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of characters, how they connect etc. I’m hoping as well to get some awesome artwork to include in these guides to give a visual sense of what you’re reading about too!


Exclusive content for the Tidal Telltails-

Tidal Telltails logo

If you are a member of my reader group - The Tidal Telltails - this one is for you. I’m going to be releasing exclusive content, such as short stories, poems, perhaps even something longer, into a locked section of my website to which only you guys will have the password. This content will most probably go on to be published at a later date, but for the foreseeable future they are for your eyes only. Check out my reader group and consider joining to gain access to these awesome extras

Join the Tidal Telltails.- Official Reader Group of Kristy Nicolle

Brand new Promo Squad-

Infiniverse Explorers promotion squad

Last but by no means least, this year I’ll be building my organic promotion capabilities by enlisting the help of my brand-new promotion squad, The Infiniverse Explorers. This group is the hub for my content rich posts that I’d like shared/commented on, such as pins for Pinterest, Facebook page posts, blog posts, flash fiction, moosings of moo, and more. If you’d like to help spread the word on social media about me and my work by beating the social media Algorithms that have been hiding so much of my marketing, this is the place to be. I’m also open to requests for guest blog posts on Freedom Through Fantasy, Newsletter swaps, group giveaways, and more, so hit me up via PM if any of these ideas or opportunities appeal to you!

Join The Infiniverse Explorers- Official Promotion Squad of Kristy Nicolle

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