Why Is The Kristy Nicolle Fantasy Infiniverse Exciting For Readers- Rise of the Super Series

Why is the Kristy Nicolle Fantasy Infiniverse exciting for readers?

Rise of the Super Series

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When I explain to readers either online or in person at Book Signing Events that I plan on writing a seventy plus book series which occurs in one world, I often get met with looks of astonishment, and sometimes even disbelief as if what I’m attempting isn’t possible.

However, I think that with the state of publishing as it is today means that we are not only entering a whole new way of producing and distributing books, but also a period of evolution with regard to how we both create and conceive stories in general.

Netflix is a great example of this, whereby viewers are now consuming enormous amounts of content in one sitting. Binge culture is certainly growing, and more than that, now viewers have actually been responsible for the resurrection of popular shows such as Lucifer which was dropped by its original network, showing that both social, and regular media channels at large are putting the power in the hands of the fans and not just the producers.

So why have I decided to write such an enormous series, and why is this super exciting for readers?

Well, I’ll tell you…


Limits… what Limits?

There have been some truly incredible series that I have fallen in love with over my lifetime, both literary and televised. Some of my favourites include Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Greys Anatomy. What do these two stories have in common? They both have multiple facets, multiple storylines and include spin-off series and extras for fans which add new dimensions to the existing characters and world in which they inhabit. Long running television series are becoming more and more common, and with the success of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, I think it’s clear that viewers are primed and ready for what I’m calling Super Series. These are series which span more than one generation, with hundreds of characters, and stories that never really end. As an author, it used to be that your publisher had the final say in a series length, or in which side stories you could publish, but now that time is passed. Now, with self-publishing giving creative control fully to the author, writers can craft bigger stories than ever. They can create worlds and thoroughly explore all the aspects of those environments, all those characters and customs which would otherwise not be seen by readers. The freedom of creators have now is unrivalled from the past, and I am excited to be a writer at this time, excited for the possibilities and opportunities that I’ve been afforded, and excited to tell stories in a more complete and long term capacity than could have ever been achieved only ten years ago by a single independent author with a dream.


Giving back the power to the reader:-

I think that right now is an extremely exciting time to be a reader. With authors being more accessible than ever, readers are being given the chance to communicate one on one with the very people who are crafting the stories they love so much, and with self-publishing, the same people who are in charge of deciding which stories make it to print and which don’t. I personally have released two of my spin off stories based solely on not only the fact that there really was a story to be told, but on the fact that the readership was hungry and demanding the story be published. The reader now has more power than ever before, and with super-sized series such as the Kristy Nicolle Fantasy Infiniverse, the sheer amount of characters and locations give a huge amount of possibilities for both writers and readers to bring to fruition. It allows readers to suggest things that the author may not have ever thought of, and it also allows readers to come together and form a community surrounding not only the stories in their finished state, but the process by which they are written and brought to market. I know I personally wouldn’t be where I am without my incredible reader group, The Tidal TellTails, who are always there to both support and enjoy my endeavour as it moves from one strength to the next.


Exciting crossovers:-

One of the most exciting events for me in the last few years, was the crossovers of the MCU in the Avenger’s movies. I really loved, and I know most of the rest of the fans did too, seeing characters that we had watched develop individually come together and meet for the first time. I was also a big fan of seeing Game of Thrones develop to the point where characters we had known for series finally encountered one another from opposite sides of Westeros. Now, without the pressure to sell X amount of copies so the series can continue, indie authors can run a series as long as they see fit and bring those character mashups and crossovers that fans so desperately want to see for fruition. Because, as I have learned, money is great, but I would also release a novel even knowing it won’t make me much because that the readers who have stuck by me want to read it. I guess what I’m saying is that now authors can truly serve the wants of their readers, without having to worry about the requirements of their publishers.


How is the Kristy Nicolle Fantasy Infiniverse shaping up, and why should you be excited?

You should be excited because I have BIG plans for this series and the first saga is just the beginning. Saga One- Queens of Fantasy- consists of three trilogies, which lead on to a tenth book and final book where the worlds and characters of the three trilogies collide. You’ll find your favourite characters from SEPARATE series clashing, knocking boots, and hitting the town in ways you have never imagined as they discover not only each other, but the worlds they each inhabit, for themselves. I also have three series planned which cover Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches which link back to the original Queens of Fantasy Saga Lore, a follow up 10 book saga called Queens of Darkness which occurs 15 years after Saga One, and a prequel Saga of another ten books called Queens of Ancient. There are also spin off series and stand-alone novels planned to explain and explore the pasts of the most intriguing characters, as well as multiple origin stories for some of reader’s favourite couples. It is also entirely possible, that after all this is said and done, these characters, stories, and worlds will culminate in one epic series including all the characters that have been introduced so far. As I said, with a series this size and this genre, literally ANYTHING is possible!


Wanna check out Saga One? Check it out right here!



To conclude, today is an AMAZING time to be both a reader and a writer. We are looking into a future that will drastically alter the way we consume, conceive, and create stories. I for one, love the way I can keep so involved with my readers and the people who support my author dreams, and I also love that I can create stories that I know they really want. It’s also exciting because I’m able to craft story ARCs that span massive periods of time, instead of trying to squeeze everything into just three or five books. I also think that series like this are a real reason to give indie authors a chance, because they can take advantage of these opportunities’ whichever way their creative desire manifests. However long you like your stories, you also have the option of sticking with one of the individual trilogies or going the whole hog with the entire world. Either way, you have the power to shape the stories you love, and authors have access to exactly what it is their readers are craving.