Confessions of a Zealous Zebra- Skin and Hair Care

Confessions of a Zealous Zebra-

Skin and Hair Care


One of the biggest obstacles for me when i was learning to live with my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome diagnosis was working out what i was now allergic to in terms of skin and hair care. Many of the staple products i had relied on for years were suddenly leaving me with awful flaky scalp, itchy rashes, or dry skin, so I realised it was time to go back to the drawing board and change the products i was using. Please bear in mind every single person is different when it comes to work for them, but these are recommendations and it might give you a place to start.

Hair Care

Maui Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to shampoo i tried a TON of different brands before i found Maui. It’s honestly a little pricier than other shampoos, but i can also say its honestly the BEST range of hair care products I’ve ever used. All their products are totally Vegan and they smell absolutely freaking INCREDIBLE. My hairdresser even asked which product i was using, as she noticed not only the fact that my scalp which was cracking and bleeding the month before was entirely healed, but also that my hair itself had become much thicker and healthier. On top of all that, this shampoo contains pure aloe vera juice as one of it’s main ingredients, which also 100% cured me of my dry skin on my face, ears, and hairline. If i could shout about this stuff from the top of some place very high i totally would, but as i don’t wanna seem totally insane i thought i’d introduce you to the range on my blog instead. Check out their range of Shampoos and Conditioners by clicking on the photos below.

Skin Care

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome comes with a host of skin problems. The main ones i suffer from are rashes, extreme dryness, seriously horrendous itching, and acne. With the chronic pain I live with daily, even reducing minor discomfort like from blemishes and dry skin can add up to give me a better quality of daily life, so i am strict with myself about sticking to my skincare regimen. I’ve always had spotty skin too, so with the extra problems on top of that i am extremely careful about what skincare products i use. I hope that you’ll check out my recommendations below and find something to help make your skin baby soft and blemish free skin again x

Stretch Marks (Because what’s a zebra without its stripes?)

For stretch marks there is only one product i use and it’s a pretty popular one so i’m sure you’ve heard about it already. Bio Oil. This stuff smells great and really does reduce the appearance of stretch marks, I’ve been using it for just over a year and the results have been super noticeable!


It’s taken me a long time to find cleansing products that don’t either dry out my skin too badly to the point of it bleeding, or cause me to itch. Cetaphil as a brand is a lifesaver, and i also use their cream on rashes. Their face cleansing wipes smell great and leave my skin feeling moisturised and clean without being too heavy on chemicals or scent. You can grab them on amazon from the link below.


I was always afraid to use moisturiser during my teens because so often it would make me break out so badly. However, now i try to keep up with moisturising as my skin gets so dry and flaky due to the medication i’m on. (Fluoxetine is the main culprit) I primarily use only one product, which i keep in both my bathroom and in my handbag. This product which i carry everywhere is me is Vaseline’s intensive healing mousturiser. It smells amazing and works fast. I was introduced to this product by my best friend, and stylist, Leeah, when she came to visit last September from Ohio and haven’t gone back since.

You can get the bathroom bottle and the travel size by clicking on the links below.

Bath Soaks and Shower Cream

These are perhaps the first remedies i turn to in order to ease aching muscles and sore joints. Epsom salts are a huge help for me, as a quick soak before bed often helps me sleep better. When it comes to shower cream, i also try to use something that will ease my aches and pains as well as acting as a skin purifying agent and relaxation tool. For this, i am currently using Nivea’s clay fresh body wash, which smells amazing (I use the Lavender and Agave scented) and leaves me skin feeling super soft and clean.

Thanks for checking out my skin and hair care recommendations!

So there you have it! I don’t use tons of products, but the ones i do use have been tried and tested many times over and I am completely in love with them so i hope you’ll consider trying them out too. You’ll also notice that i buy most of these products from amazon, this is because i can re-order them automatically every 4 or 8 weeks so i don’t have to leave the house if i’m having a bad flare. It just gives me a little bit less anxiety knowing this small detail is taken care of, so maybe this is something you should consider too.

Thanks for reading,

Zealous Zebra

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