Confessions of a Zealous Zebra- Keeping it Comfy

Confessions of a Zealous Zebra- Keeping Comfy


confessions of a zealous zebra keeping it comfy


I get a lot of compliments on how creative I am despite the fact that EDS makes buying clothes that are both stylish and comfortable a bit of a challenge. So, for this week’s confession I thought I’d reveal which clothes I love, why, and where you can grab them too! Hang on to your sparkly pants Zebra’s!


I’ve never bought LulaRoe or any leggings from them as I can never seem to find a rep in the UK, but I am a big fan of the buttery soft feel of these types of leggings. My favourite brand at the moment is Fringoo. This is because I not only love how they fit, and how they feel because the seams don’t itch, but because the patterns they have available are SUPER magical! I have ordered unicorn and mermaid leggings from this company and the colours are SOOOO vibrant!

Check out Fringoo Leggings right here by clicking on the images below!

I usually have some seriously amazing shoes in terms of comfort, but it’s taken me a while to find them. My shoes generally come in two types-

Pumps, or Trainers.


My favourite shoes for going out in are pumps from Butterfly Twists! Their pumps come with memory foam soles and vegan leather in a variety of modern and chic styles. Check out their beautiful range of shoes here-

I currently own three pairs of Butterfly Twists and they wear fabulously as I’ve had mine for three years and they’re still going strong! I have also found that if you don’t want to pay full price for these that sometimes you can find them for a serious discount at your local TK (or if you’re in the US TJ) MAXX! There are tons of styles of flat pumps to choose from, and they even do ankle boots and sneaker type shoes, as well as sandals.


When it comes to trainers, these are the shoes i spend almost everyday in and also the shoes i wear with my orthotic insoles to correct my tilted hip and scoliosis. They are also the shoes i look to most for comfort and wearing for long periods, and for me, one brand has constantly reigned supreme. Check out New Balance trainers and get your comfy on @

I love New Balance trainers because they are not only seriously diverse in the range of shoes they have to choose from, but give a level of comfort I’ve never found in more popular brands such as Nike, or Skechers.

A note about Skechers- When i went to my bio-mechanics specialist, he told me never to wear Skechers because the split sole puts people with EDS at a higher risk for ankle dislocations and falls due to our often crappy balance. You want a solid sole in your walking shoe, which is one of the reasons New Balance were the next best choice for me. They have an extremely solid sole, but the comfort isn’t compromised by this as i found it to be in some more popular brands such as Converse.


If you follow me on social media you know i am the self proclaimed Queen of Pyjamas. I spend almost all my time at home in pyjamas, and own far too many pairs for one single person, and yet can’t seem to help myself when it comes to buying more. Pyjamas are perfect for the chronic pain warrior because they are soft enough to not cause the pain that comes from being restricted by other fabrics such as denim, or embroidered cotton for long periods of time. I buy my Pyjamas from a variety of places, and am also a big fan of layering pyjamas by using garments such as bed jackets and cardigans.

Here are a few of my favourite retailers!









This one took me a while and a whole bunch of money to figure out. I have a really large bra size cup-wise, so i resisted going without an underwire for as long as i could manage. The main problem was, the metal in the wire would often protrude through in the middle of my cleavage and leave me not only slightly impaled, but also with a rash from the metal. After trying every retailer i could think of that did bras which fit my small back and large bust, i eventually gave in, and you know what, going wireless was the best decision i ever made. Wireless bras still give me support, but they don’t cause me pain and leave me with rashes after wear. I recommend getting a bra that is wireless BUT has great quality elastic under the bust if you are heavy chested like me, especially because people with EDS typically have stretchier skin than what is considered normal.

I don’t have any specific brand recommendations for wireless bras, but i usually buy mine from supermarkets rather than specialist stores due to the fact they have a surprisingly diverse range at a lower price point.

Anyway, that’s it from me on keeping it comfy! I hope you love my recommendations as it’s taken me a few years to find the brands that work for me and my condition. If you have any recommendations for Shoes, Leggings, Bras, or Pyjamas that haven’t been listed above, leave me a comment and tell me what’s keeping you comfy!

Zealous Zebra x

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