2018- My year in Review

2018 - My Year In Review


Author Stats

Highest Author Ranking- 16,002

Total Books moved- 2778

KU Pages Read- 504,378

Profit Increase- 305.7%


It’s been one hell of a year!

My second trilogy completed, my first two signings attended, two brand new diagnoses, new medication, a visit from my best friend, who crossed the Atlantic, just so we could meet for the first time, and a personal best on all counts listed above! It’s been a busy, grueling, testing year, but according to the figures, my best one yet as an indie author. I couldn’t have done it without you all either, so a giant thanks from me. I am gonna use this post to take a look back at 5 of this year’s big events and tell you a bit more about them.


The Onyx Hourglass- Book 2 in The Ashen Touch Trilogy.

This book was a bastard. No really. An utter, utter nightmare from start to finish. Writing it felt like having my brain put into a high-speed mixer and then waltzing with a chainsaw afterwards. It was intense and traumatic, but then at times it was also the epitome of sarcasm and sass, which never failed to make me laugh. It was a slog from start to finish, and my self-doubt seriously reared its head during this one. I did, however, get to write scenes I’ve been waiting to put together for years, so I was a total mess on the emotional spectrum during writing this novel. It came out pretty good though, so I guess there’s that.



EDS Diagnosis

Finally, the source condition of all my other health problems was diagnosed. On February 23rd of this year I dragged my ass to a rheumatoid specialist who took one look at me and told me what I already knew and dreaded. I have Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). While a big shock, and adjustment, the diagnosis for which there is no cure was also a relief. I’m on the correct medication now, being treated for several underlying conditions (including heart and nervous system problems that I’ve been fighting a long time) which would have gone undiagnosed if not for my EDS diagnosis. I have also been fitted for leg braces, compression gloves, and obtained a wheelchair for long days out so I don’t have to stress about flaring up and having to come home. I’ve been up the hospital about 25 times this year total, for various appointments, but (and I say this with my fingers crossed) I finally feel like I’m getting to the point where the majority of what I’m suffering with has been identified and is being dealt with. It’s my hope that in 2019, I have a calmer health related 12 months, with no more new diagnoses, and less changes to my medication.


My First ever Book Signing- Leeds 2018

Also, not what I expected, mostly due to the god-awful weather. My first signing almost got snowed off. I remember the journey up to Leeds, shivering under 2 blankets as we passed tons of snow drifts, watching a large number of readers reveal they were unable to make the Journey and so would no longer be able to attend. It was nerve wracking, and stressful with regards to my health, but having said all that, once I finally got to Leeds the entire event was BRILLIANT.

I met so many amazing authors, readers, and the incredible team who organised the signing- Hourglass Events. Seriously, if you’re looking to do a signing in the UK- go with an Hourglass signing. Once I arrived everything was so laid back and friendly, but well organised and low stress. I felt really looked after, especially because I’d only just been diagnosed with EDS a week before and was struggling to juggle all my symptoms. To those of you who got books signed by me, you’ll have noticed my super shaky handwriting. I was having a seriously hard time controlling my sugar levels with the cold, but the tons of hugs and encouragement I received from the brave souls who made the journey made me feel tons better. I was so glad I attended this event, that the first thing I did when I got back to Norwich was sign up for The Darker Side of Fiction signing in Peterborough for October.

The two days in bed I spent recovering from the excitement were also totally worth it, and I can’t wait to attend even more Hourglass events in the future!


Invasion of The Leggy Redhead

My favourite thing that happened this year was having Leeah, my best friend, come and visit from Ohio. Even though I was fighting off a serious chest infection, a tornado decided to roll through her hometown for the first time in 30 years, and tragedy suddenly struck her best friend, she still managed to make it across the Atlantic for a hug. We had an amazing week, and I had the best birthday too. We went to Lincoln, Norwich, saw a ton of little red phone boxes, ate a lot of delicious food including crumpets and Candy Corn, but my favourite thing was just hanging out with my bestie and having her here for the week. I miss her a ton every day, especially now we’ve met and caused mayhem together in person, but I’ll be heading over for a visit at some point in 2020, so I’ll be seeing her again soon and I can’t wait!


The Obsidian Shard- Book 3 of The Ashen Touch Trilogy

Again… this book was a complete and total bastard. It was long, mean, and didn’t want to co-operate. It was also heart-breaking to write and even more nerve-wracking to publish, but… it’s done now, and I’m super proud of how it came out. This also concludes my second trilogy, which is amazing considering I’ve been doing this since December 2015. I’m really excited to see what comes next as well, with the Aetherial Embrace moving to the forefront of my mind in preparation for the publication of Indigo Dusk in Autumn 2019.


So, there you have it. My 2018!

I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings, and I’m honestly ready to dedicate myself to marketing and getting my books out there a ton more in the next 12 months! It’s going to be hard, as all things worth doing are, but its also going to be exciting!


Here’s to the next 12 months! May they bring you everything you hope for.


Kristy Nicolle x

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